About the blogger

I’m Frank and I’ll be your host for the seven or eight minutes you’ll put up with me.

I’m 21, I’m a student in Manchester, I study European Studies and Italian. I’m white and lower-middle-class and I will probably never live up to my own expectations.

I will be posting on whatever subjects I like, probably for the time being with a focus on coping with depression and the hilarious other things that go with it. I’ll also be talking about my year in Italy, though I am determined not to turn this into a ‘year abroad’ blog (partly because if that were my goal, it would stand to reason that I’d have started in October).

Of particular interest to me is spotting the difference between depression, and just being genuinely sad about a bunch of things. Maybe we’ll work that one out together.

I’m into guns.

I’m into music.

I’m into languages.

I’m into trying to make myself seem interesting.

I flit between mega-ego and self-loathing seemingly at random.

I have attempted song-writing, comedy, and comedy song-writing in the past. Perhaps I will post examples at some later point.

I try to be funny. Some say I try to hard. I would probably agree. But not here! No, here I will just type unedited bullshit and try to keep it under 500 words.

Fuck yeah, persistent loneliness.

If I get properly into this, or if it starts to do well (whatever criteria you want to put on that), I will probably put it on my own website. Because that’s been an ambition for literally more than half my life.

I’m on SoundCloud!

Why Verloren Hoop? Here’s a chance to educate yourself!


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